Client / Owner

Using our broad industry experience, designtech is well placed to act as the Information Manager on centrally procured projects as well as through any BIM based delivery. Click here to read further about our Information Management offering.

At designtech we offer owners and developers the tools and experience to assure the quality your designers work and align them with your goals of efficient and risk free design. Our broad experience of developing Architectural, Structural and Services models and drawing packages allows us to review designers work with an understanding difficult to find outside of the design services.

We provide full review of design models along with leading the clash and coordination process for the design team. Liaising with your teams onsite and bridging the gap of designer, implementer and owner, designtech secures your design process and helps reduce cost and time wastage during the design phase.


At designtech, we focus on bridging the gap between design and construction. We offer Contractors the tools and experience to ensure the quality of your designers work. Our knowledge of working with Architectural, Structural and Services models and drawing packages will help you to move from the design model stage to your own models as well as prepare you for handover of contract deliverables under a BIM process.

Supporting your supply chain within a BIM process can be a difficult undertaking. As the government mandate takes hold and your internal processes develop you will need to bring your suppliers along with you. At designtech we have the plain speaking approach needed to make complex and seemingly meandering BIM processes simple to implement and use effectively.


At designtech, we support designers in seeing their ideas come to fruition through the support and development of tools and workflows. Our support team allow you to focus on design and less on the production of supporting documents. Our broad experience covers developing the deliverables for your project such as drawings, schedules or models while helping you align to BIM protocol and client demands as well as integrating with your existing workflows. This is coupled with providing a robust Quality Assurance process to make sure what leaves your office is to a consistent and proven standard.

When deadlines are looming, designtech will provide you with the extra hands-on expertise your team requires. All work is produced to your office standards and done at a desk in your office. This method allows your designers access to embedded knowledge as well as the highly skilled support you need.


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