June 22nd, 2017 Posted by BIM, computation, Download, Dynamo, production, Revit, Tools 2 comments on “CREATE AND MANAGE FILTERS IN REVIT”

Please find a link below to download the ‘Create and Manage Filters’ tool as demonstrated at AU2017. A detailed overview of the tool, how to use and future use cases will follow shortly in a more detailed blog piece.

NOTE: More features will be added over the coming weeks, but we welcome any feedback at

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Zach Young says:

Just wanted to thank you guys for this tool. Super rad! The gradient coloring is a great touch. Creating project-wide View Filters in Revit is probably one of the most mind-numbing tasks I can think of, so I’ll definitely be using this in the future.

Also, David and Mark, your AU course was awesome. It was relieving to hear that people with as much experience in BIM as you often run into the same issues that I do. While I’m constantly somewhat annoyed that Revit in all of its complexity still somehow regularly lacks common sense in its core design/functionality, I am glad they introduced Dynamo. I’m even more glad that there are folks out there like you who can make the process of automating tasks like this as easy as tying your shoes.

Mark Thorley says:

Hi Zach – thanks for your words. We will be trying to improve that filter tool more so please send us any feedback as you run into problems.

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